Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Changes

Big Changes

Well as most of you may know by now, God has called me to come back here to Tete in May and live here as a long term missionary for at least one year. I return back to Nashville in only 2 weeks from today! That gives me 2 months at home before I come back to Tete. This was really unexpected for me but I have absolutely no doubt that this is where Jesus wants me. I just want to share my heart and tell you why I feel like this is my new home!

Originally I was supposed to go to Harvest School for 3 months, come and intern here in Tete with Pioneer61 for another three months, go home, and start college in the fall. Well Papa God has other plans for me that he just told me last week...

Since I've been here almost three full months, God has given me such a sister heart for our Shekinah boys and He has allowed me to fall so in love with all of them and feel His heart toward them. The boys don't usually love or trust anyone other than Nick and Marlene, but they began to love and trust me not that long after I got here. That can only be from Jesus! I truly feel that they are my brothers and the more time I spend with them, the more I get to know them, the more I know how to pray for them and how to deal with them and care for them. Some things that the boys told Marlene were, "We know Tia Brooke loves us and we trust her and she takes good care of us."

My heart is here with my boys and God told me very specifically that I am to come back and move into the Shekinah Healing Home with them and be a long term missionary and continue take care of these boys and be their big sister. It looks like the home might be finished being built around July or August so that's when I was planning on coming back, but due to an unexpected situation with our only other missionaries leaving to go back home to the States, my help is much needed sooner rather than later. So as soon as we found out the news about the other missionaries leaving, my heart stopped and Jesus was like "You need to come back sooner, in May." It was that clear and short. One little sentence that is changing my life.

The more I prayed about it and talked to Nick and Marlene, the more peace and confirmation I had about the whole thing. Basically what my role will look like when I come back is, I'll be the boys big sister living in the home, making sure they stay on top of their school work, chores, ect. And caring for them. I'll also be taking on an administrative role and help with schedules and booking teams to come and such. One thing that I'm super excited about is that I will be teaching some of the boys music and the heart of worship. We have a few boys that I believe really have a worship leader call on their lives and I feel like I'm supposed to help guide them in that direction and teach them all that I know and impart that gift into them. I will be purchasing a keyboard from the missionaries that are leaving, and they are donating their guitar. I can't wait to see what all the Holy Spirit does during that worship time, I'm so excited!

This is Gods will for my life and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world than in His will. School, job, family, ect is all going to have to wait because this is what He's calling me to do now!

I'm asking you all to pray with me as I finish out my last two weeks here and head home to share my story and raise support to come back in May. I know that Jesus will provide all that I need, so will you join me in reaching into heaven and pulling down all the finances in the Name of Jesus?!

The main thing I need is prayer warriors standing by my side and encouraging me and sharing my story and Pioneer61's story to raise support for me and to finish building the boys home. We need some serious finances to finish the home and we need to get the boys off the streets ASAP!!

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and for keeping up with all my updates and wanting to stay involved. It means more than you know!

I can't wait to come back to my boys in May, my little treasures in the darkness.
Isaiah 45