Friday, December 20, 2013

Seek First...

Sometimes, when I really need something from The Lord, I only pray and ask for that specific thing that I need in the moment.

The other night I was sitting in a prayer service at church and God gave me a vision. I saw a lot of different strings and ropes swinging around. At the end of each strand, there were round bubble looking things. As they were swinging, they began to hit me and some of them burst and water soaked me. Others hit me and dried up instantly. The rest hit me and bounced right off without bursting at all.

As I was seeing this in my mind, I asked Jesus to show me what it meant. He told me that each string and bubble were different blessings and gifts that He was wanting to pour out on me but I was only receiving the ones that I thought I needed. The ones that soaked me were the ones that I was praying for, the ones that hit and dried up I was only receiving part of the whole blessing, and the ones that were bouncing right off I was totally missing all together.

A lot of the time, I get so focused on a few specific things that I need for different situations that I totally miss other blessings that God is wanting to give to me. Through this vision, He reminded me to always keep my eyes, ears, heart, and mind open to everything He might want to teach me and bless me with. I don't want to be so focused on one thing that I miss an opportunity to share another blessing with someone else.

I don't know if this is making sense to anyone but it's just something burning on my heart right now.

Since I've been back in the States, The Lord has been teaching me new things about myself that I never knew. It's a daily process that I go through learning how to keep my attention on Him and allowing Him to show me how to rest and prepare for what He's calling me to do.  He is showing me one step at a time how to rest even while planning a wedding and growing my relationship with Emanuel. This is one of the biggest things I'm learning right now, seeking the face of Jesus above anything else and He will show me how to love Emanuel like He does, He will show us how to plan the wedding like He wants it to be, and He will show me how to continue resting and preparing in the midst of anything else going on.

There's always so much more that we could be receiving from our Papa, we just have to be willing to lay ourselves down and what we think we need, in order to receive what He knows we need. He knows us way better than we know ourselves!

"Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you."
Matthew 6:33