Wednesday, July 4, 2012

His Voice

Jesus completely wrecked my life (in a good way) while I was in Mozambique in June. So many stories. So many testimonies. So many laughs. So many tears. So many new friends. So much rice and beans. So many beautiful faces. 

I could share story after story and tell you all about the food, sleeping arrangements, bathrooms, airports, and living conditions. But none of that really matters. 

Jesus told me to share the life changing experiences and encounters that I had. I hope and pray that He will give me the words to share and that He speaks to you through something that He says through me. 

I am not a blogger, I have no idea what I'm doing. All I know is Jesus wants me to share my heart with someone, so that's what I'm going to attempt to do one post at a time. 

I went to Mozambique this year and the year before with a team from We Will Go Ministries in Jackson, Mississippi. This year there were 11 of us on the team. Mr. David and Mrs. Amy Lancaster, Jonathan, Olivia, Sarah, Katelyn, Krystal, Reagan, Ms. Nancy, and Chris. They are all incredible people. We became such a family on this trip. So thankful that I got to share all the experiences that I did with them. We were able to be there for each other and pray for each other and grow closer to Jesus together, one step at a time. We were all stretched in different ways and Jesus set us free from a lot of stuff. It seriously means to much to have these people in my life now. Love my new family!

Last year when I went to Mozambique, I felt really overwhelmed with everything. It was my first mission trip overseas and it was A LOT to take in. Major culture shock for sure. I felt like I couldn't soak everything in and really press into the Holy Spirit because I was so blown away by the differences from the U.S. to the poorest nation in the world, Mozambique.

I'm in at a place in my life where I'm completely open to what God wants to do with me and where He wants to take me. I just graduated from high school, quit my job, have no plans for college, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. 

One of my main prayers going into this trip in June was that I would be able to hear God's voice so clearly in every situation and every circumstance. Last year, He prepared me with the culture shock so this year I was really able to focus on Him and hear His voice even clearer and press deeper into His heart.  

That's one of the main things he taught me. How to listen to His voice and hear His heartbeat. Once I was able to completely surrender myself to Him and His plan and purpose for my life, he allowed me to hear His voice and He showed me what His will is for me. I'll share what that purpose is, in a later post. :)

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