Monday, March 18, 2013

It's The Little Things...

Since I've been back in the western world for over a week now, there are several things that I've noticed that I so took for granted before I went to Mozambique. Something so small and simple seems like a luxury to me since I haven't had it in almost 6 months. It's so easy to take things for granted until you are forced to go without it. So I just wanted to make a list of some of the random things that we should all be more thankful for every day (if you live in the west, of course!) .....

cream cheese
strawberry cream cheese
low fat cream cheese
blueberry cream cheese
so many other flavors of cream cheese
real cake
an actual scoop of thick and rich ice cream
thick crust pizza
Mexican food
sweet tea
two story houses, with stairs!!!
running water inside
washing machine and dryer
dish washer 
queen size bed thats super comfy
air conditioning
an iPhone
a pantry and fridge full of food 
public trash cans 
a dresser to put clothes in instead of a suit case 
a family that loves and encourages every day 
a toilet 
thick toilet paper 
a toilet that you can actually flush the toilet paper instead of throwing it in a plastic bag 
so many restaurants with different type of food 
soooo many stores close by where we can buy anything we need/want
cheap gas prices (compared to Mozambique)
strawberries (and other yummy fruits)
coffee creamer 
tons of different options for flavored coffee creamer 
free wifi with good connection
Goldfish crackers 
Sour Patch Kids candy 
instant access to whatever we want 
fast food restaurants 
zip lock bags 
green grass instead of red dirt 
having what seems like a normal size house for the west with two stories and 4 bedrooms, when you're used to a tiny cement home in a village 

The list goes on and on. Those are just some random and some silly things that I've noticed since being back because I lived 6 months without all of that. It's so important to be thankful for what we have. Even something as simple as a turkey sandwich with real turkey and actual bread and cheese. Seriously. 

I'm also learning to be able to enjoy all the luxuries of this world while I've been back. It's so easy to think I don't deserve it or feel guilty because my kids in Africa might not have all that I do here, but God has me here for a reason and He has blessed me with all of this so I should at least try to enjoy it while I have it! 

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