Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bush Bush

The bush bush, is  where my heart is...

I went on bush outreach 4 weeks ago but it feels like I just got back yesterday. Time is flying by so fast here in Mozambique. We only have 4 weeks left of school then I'm off to Tete! What in the world.

For those of you who don't know, the bush is just a term for a remote village. When we go on bush outreach, we break into our color groups and drive in big flat bed camion trucks and drive for hours to a remote mud hut village and share Jesus with everyone.

My color group (royal blue) went with Heidi Baker's team so we had the privilege of going on the same outreach with Mama Heidi. We drove to our village, set up a big screen and played the Jesus film and drew a huge crowd. Mama Heidi preached and we did a healing service.  A few of the young Iris boys came on the outreach with us and they all gave words of knowledge for people that needed healing. That night a woman who was completely deaf, got healed and could hear perfectly! Several village people confirmed that she was deaf before and after Heidi prayed for her, she could hear everything! Hallelujah Hosanna!

The whole weekend was so amazing getting to know the harvest school students and Mozambican pastors in my color group better. Also, a couple of my friends that I met here last year were on my team as well:)

The next day we broke into smaller groups and prayer walked through the village and stopped at several houses and sat and prayed with people in the red dirt. I was in a group with 5 people. We had a Brazilian with us who speaks Portuguese and English, and a moz pastor who speaks Portuguese and Maccoua (local language) so we were able to communicate with people really well. We went to one house and just sat with a mama and her kids and loved on them. It's all about stopping for the one and simply loving.

Then we went to another house where there was an older mama sitting outside her house in the dirt. We went over and sat with her and told her who we were and asked if she needed prayer for anything, she said she wanted prayer for healing. Her body ached all the time and she could barely stand up and walk without pain. Also she was blind in one eye. So we prayed for her for a while, she tested it out and said the pain was still there. The people in my group started to pray again but I stopped them and wanted to talk to the mama for a minute. I asked her if she knew Jesus and if she believed that He can heal her and I explained the whole healing process to her. She said yes yes I believe!! So then we prayed for her muscles and every part that was aching and commanded healing to come in the Name of Jesus. After we were done praying, she stood up and started dancing around and singing and laughing and crying! She was totally totally healed! We celebrated forever and sang worship songs. She said that the eye that was completely blind, was completely healed too and we forgot to even pray for her eye but Jesus still touched it! He is SO good! Then she accepted christ into her heart, and her friend saw the whole thing and she wanted to accept Jesus too.

There are countless stories from this bush outreach that I could share. The chief of the village accepted Christ and we all stayed in tents in his back yard. Mama Heidi bought land to build an iris church, she made plans to build a school and drill a well for water as well. So many things happened and the whole weekend was incredible. It's so humbling going to a village and sharing the simple love of Jesus and leading people to Him.

The bush has stolen my heart every time I've gone. The children just want to be loved and it's the cry of my heart to be able to love them like Jesus does.

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