Monday, December 17, 2012

Enough Time to Love

This is the first time I've been able to post a blog since I've been in Mozambique! So much has happened and The Lord has been moving in and through me in huge ways. I could write a billion blogs on all the stories that have happened so far but I really feel like for right now I'm supposed to share a prophetic word that one of my sisters gave me yesterday. I will write out stories and share testimonies of stuff that's happened here but for right now, I just want to share this with you!
This is from my house mate in Harvest School, Jessica.
"I see you walking along a road. It was a road of gold and the glory of The Lord caused everything to be very bright. As you walked down the road there were people standing on the side watching you. They said nothing but they looked longingly at you. As you walked I saw you stop for each person. You didn't see their circumstances, but you saw their eyes. You saw their longing and you saw their worth. I saw you stepping down off the road to look into their eyes. I saw you take their faces in your hands and smile I to their souls. I saw you speak life and extend to them the hand of acceptance. When you got back on the path of gold you did not go alone. But you see them up to walk along the path with you. No matter how many people you brought onto the path,, you always stopped for the next face and took them up too. As life continued, the demands of life on your time increased. As you rose into authority and responsibility people's expectations of you increased and you were pressured by the outside to be driven by time and appointment rather than by the eyes of the people alongside the road. But in this vision I saw a promise planted in your heart that kept you from submitting to the demands that would take you away from the longing eyes. That promise for The Lord is that you will ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH TOMR TO LOVE. He is the god of all time and circumstances and he is the love of those with longing eyes. The beautiful thing about this vision is that you were so intent on the people along the road that you were completely unconcerned with the effects of your smile and hand of acceptance. At the end of your golden road was Jesus welcoming you into heaven. Delight rose in his eyes and he asks you to turn around before venturing further with him. When you turned around you saw for the first time the effect of each stop you made. When you looked back there was a multitude... Millions of people standing with joy filled faces. The longing that had resided in their eyes web you see them was replace with glory, joy, as abundant life. Also you remembers every single name of all the people. You may have only met them once but you remembers their face and name. With tears of joy you turned back to Jesus to see tears of joy streaming down his face too. He took your face in his hands and said well done my good and faithful servant. With you I am well pleased. You have honored me an have brought great joy to my heart. Come, let's spend eternity beyond the veil."
This pretty much says it all, but this is the cry of t heart! Stop for the one and love them no matter what their circumstances are. Remember their name and face. You never know the effect you have on people. Love deeply and unconditionally.

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