Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fire and Baptism

The main theme of my life leading up to harvest school was about me being a living sacrifice for God. Laying my whole life down for Him and His glory. This whole time has been incredible and fun but I hadn't really had the huge breakthrough moment that I thought I would have early on. That all changed this week...

There is a guy here from Georgia that has been leading worship for us in all of our classes. He is seriously anointed and the Holy Spirit breaks out every time he leads worship. The first night that he got here, we had a special worship service with him in the church building and I was praying with my housemate/sister, Lorraine, and God gave me an incredible vision for both of us. This is the moment that started my breakthrough.

In the vision He showed me that he wants to completely set me on fire and burn up everything about me that's not of Him. (This vision was for me and Lorraine together.) It was like he was literally wanting to set us on fire and burn it all up. Then he poured His living water on us and let the fire burn out. The water was just completely submerging us and refreshing us. After the water, He reset His Holy Spirit fire on top of the water. The water was keeping the fire a flame and the fire was keeping the water alive and that's what was keeping us alive. He so clearly showed me that He wants the burning process to be the sacrifice part. He wants me to completely die to myself so that He can then come and pour His living water and reset His fire and make us alive again. Right after I had this vision, the worship leader started singing in the spirit about the fire.

A process is something that takes time. This burning process is going to take some time. He is so incredibly jealous for us that He wants every single fiber of our being to belong completely to Him. He's willing to burn us of ourselves so that we can belong to Him and Him alone. I want His fierce and fiery love to consume everything about me. His living water is what I want flowing in and through me at all times. I want to be a river for Him and drink from His well. Imagine the living water and the Holy Spirit fire flowing and burning together in one person. I have no idea what that even looks like but that's what He told me He's doing in me and Lorraine. I know it's going to be amazing. It already blows my mind to think about the water keeping the fire burning and the fire keeping the water alive and both of them keeping us alive. That picture is forever in my mind and heart.

After 10 days of the burning process, the living water broke through and put the fire out! I felt him submerging me in his new life and making me alive again.  The last week of Harvest School, we had a baptism day. I really felt the Holy Spirit telling me that He wanted to baptize me and he wanted me to symbolize myself laying down my own life, dying to myself, being completely submerged in His living water, and being raised back up in His new life. I've already been baptized when I was younger but I didn't fully understand what it meant. Now that I've totally surrendered myself to Him, I really felt like I needed to show and symbolize what I did in my heart. So that's what I did! I was baptized in the Indian ocean by the Holy Spirit and I've been forever changed.

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